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Community Fund News: Level 2 Funding Recipients Announced for Quarter 4, 2022

The Collgar Community Fund (CCF) Committee met on 14 December 2022 and approved four Level 2 community applications for Quarter 4 2022. A Level 2 application is anything over $2,500 and applications are considered on a quarterly basis.

Collgar is pleased to confirm the Level 2 funding recipients for the third quarter in 2022 are;

Petticoat Lane Op Shop, Merredin: Community Kitchen and Food Bank

Petticoat Lane Op Shop in Merredin are helping to provide food security for those in need. Many families and singles are finding it hard to put healthy food on their table three times a day. With the cost of food, fuel, rent and gas going up people are finding it very difficult to manage financially.

This grant has been awarded for the purpose of helping to run a community kitchen where volunteers cook and give out meals to those in need. Petticoat lane Op Shop have now expanded this to donating sleeping bags to the homeless as well as providing emergency food hampers to the local police to give to those that need to be relocated in an emergency situation due to domestic violence. These include items such as meals, clothing and basic toiletries.

How amazing! Collgar embraces initiatives like these as they have a real and meaningful lasting impact in the community.

Photo: Example of what goes into the food hamper that is given to those in need, Petticoat Lane Op Shop.

Merredin Seniors Centre: Refurbishment of Podiatry Room

The Merredin Senior Centre provides a place for older members of the community to meet and socialise. Activities include a weekly exercise program, craft group, morning tea, lunches and celebrations for special events such as Christmas. Throughout the year they hold Stay on Your Feet events, guest speakers and health promotion activities.

The Merredin Senior Centre was purpose built for aged accessibility including accessible parking and bathroom facilities. The centre is also used as a venue for visiting health professional including Audiologist, Optometrist and Podiatrist.

The Merredin Senior Centre has commenced the refurbishment of the Podiatry room at the Centre this year and this grant will go a long way towards helping with this project. By refurbishing the room the Seniors Centre can continue to provide the Merredin community with help and the much needed podiatry services for many years to come.

Collgar is very pleased to support the Merredin Seniors Centre in this project and is certain it will be beneficial to many seniors in the community.

Wyalkatchem Community Resource Centre: Wylie Arts Expo

The Wyalkatchem CRC has played a significant role in providing access and opportunities to the community since its conception in 1994. The Wyalkatchem CRC is a vibrant 'go-to-place' which the whole of the community utilises for access, development, engagement, training and advanced technologies.

With this grant the Wyalkatchem CRC will assist a number of community groups in the area to produce their second annual Arts Expo in September 2023. This is expected to continue annually into the future. This is an expansion of the many arts initiatives already in the area including holding art classes for students during the school holiday periods and opening its doors to artists on Sundays where members of the community can come together in a proactive and encouraging way to develop their artistic styles.

Collgar loves supporting the arts, and is so glad to be a part of such a wonderful initiative.

Photo: Wylie Arts Expo 2022

Corrigin Agricultural Society: Town Mural and Community Celebration

The Corrigin Agricultural Committee organises the annual Corrigin Agricultural Show, which is held in September every year. The Committee organises a wide variety of activities for show day, and showcase what the district has to offer in terms of produce (wool & grains), many different sections for exhibitors to enter including cooking, art, vegetables, flowers, photography – to name a few. They are part of the state shears competition, the WA sheep dog trials and machinery dealerships show off the latest machines.

This grant will enable a town mural to be painted in the show ground precinct (O’Shea Place). Local artist Sonia Price is coordinating the project.

After suffering a catastrophic fire event in February, the town is still reeling from the aftershocks. This grant will enable a great opportunity for different groups to come together, have fun and try something new. The result will be a triumph for the whole community, as well as promote tourism for the whole region.

Collgar loves to sponsor initiatives that bring together the community in a positive, educational and fun way.

Corrigin Agricultural Show in 2021

Well done to all grant recipients!

If you would like more information or to download an application please visit: .


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