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Collgar Wind Farm

Collgar Wind Farm is the largest wind farm in Western Australia, and is located 25km south east of Merredin. The wind farm is built over a land envelope of 18,000 hectares and has 111 Vestas V90 wind turbines with a total power production capacity of 222 megawatts (MW), generating between 630-750 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year, which is enough to provide electricity to power approximately 130,000 West Australian family homes.

The project location was selected for its unique topography, world class wind resource, favourable community rapport and proximity to the power grid. Wind Power provides a natural, renewable source of energy and is playing an increasing role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.


The wind farm when first commissioned almost doubled the level of renewable energy in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) from 5 percent to 9 percent.

Collgar Wind Farm generates and delivers clean, renewable electricity into the SWIS each year, thereby making a major contribution to Western Australia’s greenhouse gas reductions. These reductions are equivalent to taking 210,000 cars off our roads.

Collgar also produces major economic benefits for Merredin and its surrounding regions. During the construction phase, Collgar employed up to 150 people over a period of two years, which had a large spin-off for local services. The ongoing financial boost during the life of the project is seen through land rent payments and community projects and sponsorship. The wind farm provides ongoing employment for a team of 10-20 locally based staff. 

Collgar is committed to the local community and is working collaboratively to ensure community expectations are met.

This calculation was made using the SWIS emissions factors as stated in the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors (August 2023) and uses the average CO2 emissions for passenger cars as stated in the National Transport Commission’s report titled Carbon Dioxide Emissions Intensity for New Australian light Vehicles 2022 (released December 2023). We have used an average annual driving distance of 11,100km following information presented in the 2020 ABS ‘Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia.



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Collgar Wind Farm Fact Sheet 

Quick Facts

Project Size
222 megawatts


Number of turbines
111 turbines


Turbine type
Vestas V90 2.0MW turbines


Operation commenced
October 2011


Annual Average Energy Production
800GWh producing enough electricity
to power up to 160,000 homes

Expected operating life
30 years


Vestas Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd


Size of farm
The site is located on 18,000 hectares of land located 25km

south east of Merredin in Western Australia



Collgar Wind Farm is committed to conducting its operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, underpinned by strong governance. Maintaining awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities provides the foundation for stewarding Collgar Wind Farm’s activities in an ethical manner and aligned with its values.


Please click here to view Collgar Wind Farm's sustainability and ESG Targets.

Accountability & Ethics

Collgar is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct, accountability and ethical behaviour in all its business activities, and promotes and supports an environment where employees and stakeholders have absolute trust and confidence that Collgar is behaving honestly and with integrity.


Please click here to view Collgar Wind Farm's Whistleblower Policy and Modern Slavery Statement.

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