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Landowner Opportunities

Our expert knowledge, as well as developing and managing Collgar Wind Farm near Merredin for over a decade, has resulted in a deep understanding of the wind resource in Western Australia. 

Collgar Renewables end-to-end project expertise, together with our unique understanding of the region, means faster development of renewable energy projects. 


These factors, alongside our shareholder's desire to invest in renewable energy, places Collgar Renewables in an ideal position to successfully develop new projects in Western Australia.

Collgar Renewables is committed to working with and supporting any community it operates in.

What are the Benefits?

We provide stable income to our landowners right from the beginning.

If all development needs are met and we reach a Final Investment Decision (FID) for the construction of a wind farm, you will then receive secure income for 30 years (or double or triple that duration).

Long-term income is generated from for the Wind Turbines and for Easements on your land, such as access roads, overhead power lines and underground cables.

Please see below the approximate timelines that can be expected.


Download our Landowner Opportunity Brochure here:

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Opportunity Timeline

Landowner Testimonials

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